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Two test sites - Possible ?


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I'm trying to set up two test sites... One site is a clean installation and the other is a trial of an upgraded installation

Both are in subdomains from the main site. Both are using the license key


But in the second one it indicates me the following


Your license has not been provided. Please supply your license key in order to continue.



Is it possible to have to test installs simultaneously? If it is, what am I doing incorrectly?


Thanks in Advance


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I make all installations online, not on my local disk, and I only can have one site...  :sad:

​Me too. I have one set of files, but two databases - one clone of my 3.4.7-install to try the upgrader, one clean/fresh install of IPS4.

I just have to change the databasedata in the config-file to choose the database i want to use. As i only have one set of files, it should not break any LAs (i will also change this, after the upgrader works for me :) )

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