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Bug Tracker page would look better if statuses were color coded tags

KT Walrus

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The current Bug Tracker page looks awful with the blotchy grey Statuses:


I suggest you change the Statuses into Tags that are Color Coded. The Tags would be "Cannot Reproduce", "Awaiting Feedback", "Unconfirmed", "Confirmed - Matt", etc and would be pre-defined. The "Unconfirmed" tag could be shown in Grey. The "Fixed" tag could be shown in Green. The "Confirmed" tags could be shown in Red and other tags having appropriate colors to make them stand out or fade into the background. It also might work better to have the tag shown as a prefix to the "By" line instead of a suffix to this line. That way, the status of the report will be shown as a column just under the Report Title.

No need for the text "Status:" to be repeated in each tag too.

Just a suggestion...

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