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Profile Fields improvements


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I would like some improvements to the profile fields.

1. In v3 we had more controls over the fields and who could edit it, I would like to have these options back.





I would like to have:

Field can be edited by the member and private fields separated as I want the users to be able to see their values but not edit them.

Also, I would like to change show publicly to something like,

Groups that have access to this field, where you should be able to choose what groups can see what.


2. The options for a field should be translatable, In this case, Gender could be Male or Female, but in Swedish, it's "Man" or "Kvinna". This is really required for multilingual sites.



3. I would like the ability for members to choose themselves if certain fields should be visible or not.

The administrator could choose a setting saying something like, "Allow member to change visibility".

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