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Not sure if this has anything to do with 4.0 or not but I noticed the login with FB button above. I thought I'd give it a try not remembering that FB has a different email address then this forum. So it didn't recognize my account I assume and took me to an 'almost done' screen. There it asked for my Display name. I realized I didn't want to create a second account so I wanted to back out of everything. Unfortunately it won't let you. Not with the back button provided on the page or my browser back button. It won't work to try and manually go back to the forum home or anything. So I had to hunt down the cookie and delete it so it would forget me and I could login with my email address manually.

I know it's not something many people will do but just incase it matters to anybody I thought I'd mention it because it was frustrating for me...LOL. 


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