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I am sure this was discussed on the preview site, however, until it's either re-opened or merged here I cannot search it :o.  

On IPB 3.x there is a field type called "drop" where you can make a drop down list for your CPF's, however, I am not seeing that as an option in IP4, does anyone know if it was renamed or removed?

I see there is an option called "Select Box" that gives a drop down list when you go to fill out the CPF in the profile, however the Select Box does not allow for a blank option.

For example, here is a CPF on our 3.4.x site for "Ranks" for one of our departments:

Ranks CPF Options:

deputyrecruit=Deputy Recruit
deputysheriff=Deputy Sheriff

Topic View Format:

<span class='row_data'><img src='/images/ranks/{key}.png'></span>

The above code makes the list default to a blank/none selected as default, which is very important to have.

Using Select Box on IP4, I cannot get that "blank" option that is needed, and I also do not see where to put in the Topic View Format information, only the information for displaying in the members profile.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Select is what it's called now. You should just be able to provide a blank option - if that doesn't work, it's probably a bug

​I will add to tracker and link to this post :)

Also, another question.  For topic view, we use graphic icons/badges.  Using this code to display it.

<span class='row_data'><img src='/images/ranks/{key}.png'></span>

How would this be displayed in IP4 since we do not put in a key such as (i.e. "key"="Option")

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