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Moving over to 4.0 .....


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I have been using IPS for about 4 years. I live in a smaller community and have built my site up where I get around 5,000  - 6,000 visitors a day.

I make half decent money with my local sponsors & google adscense.

I use about 15 different hooks and want to have most of them installed before I move over to 4.0.

I know when I moved over to IPS from using eblah forums forums for 5 years,... I got more complaints than anything. People just don't like change. 

I want to be ready for the change and hopefully have most of the hooks available.  I'm looking to have the 4,0 board looking somewhat close to what I have now with 3.47

My question is what is everyone have planned who already has a successful IPS community forum already set-up?
Will you move over everything over to 4.0 without all of the hooks you are using or are you planning on surprising members with the new look and features.

Really I am in no hurry to do this, but with the move of 4.0 to the main forum board, it looks like things are moving ahead ..... BEFORE I AM READY?

Here is my forum here: http://www.goduboisforum.com/

Please share your plans on moving over to 4.0.

Thanks for any feedback on the matter.

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With IPS4 not even at a release candidate yet, I wouldn't be getting "too worried." 

Even though I'm going to be testing IPS' software through these betas (and previously pre-releases), to push out to my production site, I will be waiting till the release candidate and till my most popular mods that I use are updated. I will also be creating a new skin to my liking, going above and beyond my current skin. I'm treating this as a time to move forward and improve my forum as a whole. Not to mention I have to update all my own custom code. It will be a large undertaking no doubt and will probably take a year from when IPS releases 4.

My suggestion would be take your time, do it right. Maybe survey a select few of your active members as to what they want to see moving forward. You can't stay stagnant and expect to grow so you will have to communicate that to your members as well.

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For me, I have a medium sized community.

My main concern is finding a Good quality skin. Whether it is an updated version of IPbfocus skins I already own or someone else. My members have been with me through a many of conversions over the last couple of years(SMF to XF to IPb to XF to IPB again) so I know another software change wouldn't be too much for them(Though I have promised from now till the end of time, we're on IPB :P)

There aren't any mods I really can't do without. I'd like to be able to use mods like Board Index Face, Instant Notifications, Profile Music, and Content Rating mod but they aren't showstoppers really.


Of course like all conversions and migrations I've done, I'll be letting my users test it thoroughly :)


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