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Tip for getting images to display correct way round


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Hi all. We had a problem in our ips based forum where members who had uploaded photos taken with an iPhone/iPad would display incorrectly (upside down etc). This is a fault with the iPhone/iPad itself, due to it not including image orientation info in the photo.

We have found a way to get your photos displaying properly in your forum!

in order for your photos to display the correct way round in the forum, please use this simple guide when taking photos with iPhone/iPads.

Using the normal camera function (ie: rear camera) make sure the bottom of the iPhone/buttons on the iPad are on the RIGHT side. If using the front camera (selfie photos), make sure the bottom of the iPhone/buttons on the iPad are on the LEFT side. This is because iPhone/Ipad camera software doesn't put the image orientation info into the photo (mistake/oversight on MS part) meaning the forum software can't tell which way up the photo is meant to be.Taking photos using our method above ensures the photos are displayed the correct way round.

I've been told this issue has been addressed in IPS 4.X, but for anyone running the previous versions, I hope this wee tip helps. :-)

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This is photo taking 101 and if you take a picture right-side up it will come out right-side up. If you take it up-side down, it will come out up-side down and has nothing to do with the forum software and everything to do with the orientation of your camera. You can preview and adjust this on your computer prior to uploading it to proof it.

You mention MS in your post, Microsoft (which I assume MS is) has absolutely nothing to do with this.

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8 hours ago, marklcfc said:

I've been having these issues lately, is there a reason some photos end up the wrong way round?

I believe, contrary to what is posted here, that Windows can recognize and rotates images automatically. The issue is that the forum does not have the same functionality. So what happens is basically this:

1. You take a picture which is upside down or on the side. 

2. You open it on a computer, windows senses the correct orientation and shows it properly, but the picture as a file is still upside down. 

3. You upload it on the forum and it shows upside down, because the forum software does not include any orientation sensing capabilities. 

The solution is at step 2 to click ctrl+s to save the picture, this way, windows writes the correct orientation in to the file. Then you upload it in the forum and it is OK. 

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