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I have an error in the sql database.

My provider can't fix it.

If i try a repair it returns the following:

vuurwerkbelgie_com_-_db2.ibf_profile_portal_views repair Error Can't find file: 'ibf_profile_portal_views' (errno: 2)
vuurwerkbelgie_com_-_db2.ibf_topic_views repair Error Can't find file: 'ibf_topic_views' (errno: 2)
I opened the sql db and searched for those tables but they doesn't exist.
Any suggestion on fixing this?
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Hi forum@vuurwerkbelgie.com :smile:

Are you using MyISAM tables?

I am afraid that you may have a corrupted database :sad:

If the tables have temporary data you can delete them and recreate them and if they have data that are not temporary then you must restore the data for those two tables.

If the files are there and not missing you may try this command first before delete the tables and recreate them:

REPAIR TABLE ibf_profile_portal_views USE_FRM;
REPAIR TABLE ibf_topic_views USE_FRM;

Always backup your database first before try any of my commands or recommendations !

Try it and let us know :smile:


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I am unable to make a copy from the db. I asked our provider but they can't create a copy ether.

Repairing is also not possible, still the same error. This table is not returning a row count and may be crashed and marked for repair. You can repair this table by checking the checkbox for this row and selecting 'Repair Selected Tables' from the drop down below

People still can't post to our forum.

Is there another option?


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If there is no way to do a recovery and fix it you may want to try:


Stage 2, Stage 3, and read in general some info there....

One of the above will delete bad data so be careful and read well before you run any command..

Check it and let us know :smile:

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