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How do I change the forum title

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Thanks, also do you know how to change the little picture next to the forums name, and the picture of the little icon on the browser tab.

That's the favicon.

Get yourself a suitable image (bear in mind the small size of it) and then simply Google for a "favicon generator" and use one of those to 'convert' the image to a file. You should end up with a favicon.ico file.

Now simply upload this via FTP / File Manager to your board directory, replacing the one already there.

Note: Firefox browser tends to show the 'change' more or less straight away. I know Internet Explorer (certainly older versions) used to have an issue doing this as iirc it used to store the favicon inside the temp internet files rather than somewhere more sensible for this type of file. Basically if you change it and its not showing temporarily try a different browser or post the site link here so we can confirm what it is really showing. :)

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