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Mybb to IPB?

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Sorry if this is posted in the wrong spot. I have a RPG that is coming up on a year and I always said if it made it to a year I would ditch free hosting and go selfhosted. I currently host with Icyboards.net (Mybb) and I was wondering if there is a way to import all of my users/threads into IPB? As painless as possible please.

Thank you!

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Yes this is quite straightforward

AFAIK the converter is only currently for myBB 1.6 not 1.8 although it might work but read it as 'untested' I've not examined the differences / potential differences in the schema between these two versions.


Install IPBoard on the same server / account as your myBB is. Install the converter (its just an application and installs the same way as the others do ie Gallery etc) , and follow its instructions step by step. Take note of any cleanup instructions displayed afterwards and do as instructed with them, normally this is things like running the resync topics/forums tool etc, but it will tell you what to do.

Lastly (should be first really) take a backup of it all before doing anything. The converter will not alter any source data ie your myBB board it only reads from it but its best to have full complete backups before doing anything.

Once its all imported and working, you can remove the myBB installation if required.

EDIT... There is a Converters forum here , you may wish to check that for others who have done the myBB conversion and see what they said about it in their topics etc. Bear in mind topics generally are only posted if there are issues, you do not tend to hear about all the ones without any issues which is the majority of them. :)

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Thank you for such a well detailed reply! I will be attempting this sometime within the next few weeks and will be referring to it later. Very much appreciated. :]

You're welcome. :) Just post back if you have any further questions or need clarification or indeed if it all goes well so we know too.

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