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I wanted to know if someone managed to create a subforum with htaccess. If there is a guide I could use. I would like to create multi subdomains using htaccess. I've seen some forums where function is active quest. Give me some idea? thanks so much

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I'm not sure if that would fall outside the scope of a single licence or otherwise. You can pass protect forums using the built in password feature per forum if required ?

It would be tricky I think to use .htaccess to specifically block one with a password protect and have it work reliably like that as generally (at least as far as I'm aware) its main use is to pass protect entire directories...

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Thanks for the reply but,
The knowledge that I have boils down to this:
Activate new forum category
Play the dns cname subdomain
this is already possible, but I've definitely some problems at the end.
htaccess file invokes the class and returns it to the subforum
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