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Hey ya all,

Sorry if this has already been covered but I need your help.

I changed to a new web host but the old host had /home/pieman16/public_html/.... to store everything but my new host doesn't have that it only has /pieman16/public_html.... how do I tell IPB to change that. I can't find it anywhere.

Please help me


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The conf_global.php file will have the board_url in it, but what you're mentioning is a setting in the ACP.

ACP -> System Settings -> General Configuration -> Path to 'upload' directory

Check the suggested value below the setting, as that is almost always correct.

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Agree the 'suggested' path in the descriptor is right about 99% of the time. Thinking about it I can only recall one board I saw where it was not. smile.png

As a quick sidenote if you have Gallery / Blog do not forget to visit their settings via Settings > IPS Apps > and check / adjust their path as well.

IP.Downloads (usually) is OK as unless you've changed its default storage options, as it will just use the {root_path} variable anyway. Any third party apps that have a setting will need to be checked too, although I can only think of a couple that have an upload setting.

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