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Can a new board operate on shared hosting? what are user limits ?

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we are in process of bringing to life new FORUM (IPS Board obviously).

it is planned to be hosted on a "low cost" shared host (8eu/month dreamhost)

1) tell me please will my shared hosting be

--- sufficient for a new board with very little activity (100 daily users - 5 simultaneous)?

--- sufficient for a new board with medium activity (300 daily users - 15 simultaneous) ?

2) starting which amount of users shall i satart thinking about the need of VPS server?

Thank you so much for advices!


my hosting plan - http://www.dreamhost.com/hosting/shared/

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Errmm... Guess I'm replying to all your threads.

1) Don't know. Can't know.

2) When do you want vps? When you feel comfortable in managing a vps. Really, low end vpses aren't even more expensive than shared hosting. And almost always more resources.

When you need vps? When you feel that your current host is inadequate. There's no specific number I can give you, or anyone.

Though I'm guessing you already bought the license, but personally, if you were to go to shared route, you'll be better off with IPS hosted. Just seems to make more sense cost-wise. I haven't tried IPS hosted solution myself, but since these servers are for IPS hosting only, they'll be better optimized to serve IPS needs better than generic hosts too. Though, prices kind of rise fast.

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