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The Dark Matter

Joey Prettyman

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File Name: The Dark Matter

File Submitter: Joey Prettyman

File Submitted: 10 Sep 2014

File Category: Look and Feel

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x


Get The Dark Matter for FREE!

The Dark Matter
I am excited to introduce the first in a major line of skins coming out this year! I give you The Dark Matter!

The Dark Matter (TDM) is a dark skin, with vibrant highlights which can be found throughout the body of the skin. Countless hours have been spent perfecting the way the skin greets you, and feels overall. The style has been stripped of a lot of images and trimmed down to some beautiful CSS3 to help maintain it's lightweight feel. If you look closely, you can see various IPB 4.0 inspirational factors including the rounded user pictures, as well as some other prominent template features.

I have done my best to ensure cross browser compatibility, but will rely heavily on my users to report any bugs that they may find throughout the skin. There is a demo version of this skin that you may test before you purchase. Please let me know your thoughts in this topic here.

Or by taking the time to write a review. Either are very much appreciated!

here to download this file

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