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Which SSH Client you use?

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I was looking at that, says in app purchases but since I rooted and use adfree I would not (usually) see them, you see any issues with the ads/inapp stuff?

I use JuiceSSH also on my android, it is also rooted and has adfree and I do not see any ads.

Maybe it is time to update adfree? Or your settings are different to mine?

My settings are:


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I have not used it yet, was literally looking at it when I saw the post so figured I would ask first.

thats good to know, will install in a bit.

rooted vzw galaxy S5 with 4.4.2 on it, every now and then an ad sneaks by but usually only once.

its the in app purchase stuff I try to avoid (trembling/shaky hands/fingers) but if you are not seeing any thats awesome.

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I used terminal on my org droid A855 as the physical keyboard helped.

when I went to droid x I had physical issues with virtual keyboard and terminal, the galaxy seems to be the same using terminal. I use it very rarely, when I cannot use root explorer to do something I'll use terminal but its very rare.

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