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Force Password Reset


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File Name: Force Password Reset

File Submitter: Aiwa

File Submitted: 26 Jul 2014

File Category: Security

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x

This app will generate a random 15 character password for users in groups specified in the app settings. The random password will not be given to the user, therefore forces the user to reset their password. If your members table has been compromised, this is the quickest way to ensure none of the old logins function.

It will also e-mail the user with a link to the Lost Password tool so they can reset their password.

For support, please create an account then submit a ticket.

here to download this file

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No, this only works on IP.Board 3.4.x.  It has not yet been upgraded to IPS4.  

Per the note at the top of the file. 


This file is not compatible with IPS4. Please check compatibility with your version before purchasing or downloading.


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