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We have a fairly sizeable membership with our chat room being used by many of our members every day. The one thing we continually get complaints and asked about by many of our members who regularly visit the CHAT ROOM is Private Chats. One of our members also started a topic in the Forums about it with others posting replies agreeing with all saying they would like to see such a function or feature added to the Chat Room.

When chatting in the main room if someone opens a Private Chat you are immediately taken to the new private chat window, often when you are in the middle of typing a response to a conversation in the main room or to another private chat. Many of our members find it very annoying and complain to us about it asking can we do something about it as it is a common feature found in most chat rooms or chat sites.

We were wondering when an upgrade, revision is being done whether it might be considered to add the option to accept or refuse private chats. When someone opens a private chat perhaps a notification could be displayed that a private chat is being requested with the option to either ACCEPT or REFUSE that particular private chat request.

We know many of our members would very much appreciate such an option which we are sure many who use the Chat Room on their sites would also appreciate.

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