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Changing the default accept a friend from auto to manual.


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Hi there

We would like to change the default setting for 'friend requests' to manual rather than auto and the facility to mark this as a global setting. It would be even better to be able to remove the auto feature entirely as it's potentially a massive breach of privacy.

Out of the box, it's not currently possible and is only done at a user level. However there is an unsupported fix within this forum.

It is the equivalent of signing up to Facebook, adding a friend and without them having to accept the request, you can immediately see all their content and images without them knowing about it.

This flaw in the IP.Boards system is potentially really serious and I would imagine something that would be important to address for the current release.

We definitely hope that it is a built in feature of the new version.

Otherwise, the forum software is working exceptionally well and we are very happy so thank you for your excellent support.

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If you read the >blog entry about profiles you will see they are changing to followers instead of friends.

If you >scroll down the last page of the comments, I've asked about the purpose of the new "no follow" and whether they reconsidered privacy.

If you are concerned about privacy, you might want to >read this privacy topic where profile privacy concerns were addressed. You can read IPS's stance on why they don't see privacy as a top concern at this time, but you cannot reply since the topic is now closed.

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