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Converting Post Table from MyIsam to Innodb

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If i do so, its better to convert the post table to innodb?

It will work on both engines but we use also use Innodb for that table :smile:

Also, its safe to convert back and forth the post tables from myisam to innodb and vice-versa?

Yes but do such changes from ssh.

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Ok, I've installed Sphinx 2.0.8(last Sphinx version did not work), and everything is working fine.

Search is now much more accurate and a lot faster.

Im using Mysql 5.5, so that means innodb does not have fulltext indexing.

I do not use Sphinx for the View New Content.

Does that mean that the View New Content will not work with the table in Innodb?

Also my post table has ~1,5 Million posts and occupies 1Gb. Innodb is a better solution that Myisam is this case?

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Best advice I can offer is make sure you have good backups, dump your database before you do anything.

I have switched most of my tables to InnoDB and I am also using MySQL 5.6 now, but when I converted I was using MySQL 5.5 so I had to remove the index's.

If you search IPS forums you'll find a couple threads with more info on how to switch tables to InnoDB and how to remove the index's

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