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Bug tracker, internal reports and marking as duplicate


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Mark closed these reports as duplicate:



The reports have previously been marked as confirmed.

Apparently they then 'suddenly' get marked as duplicates because you then continue the discussion in an internal report about the issue.

The problem is that I have no way of knowing you have an internal report on it. So when you mark it as duplicate I can't know where this report will be discussed further. So could you make sure developers at least mention in the report why they've marked it as a duplicate, when it isn't meant to refer to another report in the public bug tracker?

I also think that closing those internally discussed issues as duplicates isn't an optimal solution in the first place. That way we have no way of knowing your final conclusion.

Maybe in the internal discussion you suddenly decide to conclude that the issue is working as intended, not a bug or you move the fix forward to another version. I would preferred you kept it "open" and then updated the report when your internal discussion has reached a conclusion/a fix/whatever.

Because if I still experience the issues that are being marked as duplicate (because of an internal report) in three weeks, then I can't be sure if they're supposed to be fixed or not.

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TSP, we really appreciate you taking the time to test IPS4 and report bugs - but we kind of need to be able to manage the bug tracker how works best for us. We like feedback on the product, but we don't need feedback on how to do our jobs :tongue:

In this particular case, it's a waste of time for us to have 3 reports we keep spending a couple of minutes reading and then thinking "oh yeah, Mark was talking about this earlier - he's got it under control" - if it's duplicate, it doesn't show in our list when we're trying to storm through the confirmed ones.

I will of course, update the reports when I've fixed the issue so that you know you can test again - "Duplicate" doesn't mean "Closed and forgotten" - it means "See Other" :smile:

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Sorry for my late reply here, the email from this topic was filtered into the wrong folder.

TSP, we really appreciate you taking the time to test IPS4 and report bugs - but we kind of need to be able to manage the bug tracker how works best for us. We like feedback on the product, but we don't need feedback on how to do our jobs :tongue:

I noted and appreciated that you marked the reports I mentioned in my first post as fixed once they had been resolved internally.

While I understand the need for you to organize it in a manner that is manageable for you. I still feel public bug reports should be marked and filed in a manner where we "feel safe" they will be updated on whether or not a particular issue eventually have been fixed and the internal progress of the report / if it gets delayed etc. I think it should be manageable for you, but I think it isn't too demanding to ask for it to be manageable for us as well.

I feel this report is a good example: http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/bugs.html/_/4-0-0/phone-mark-board-as-read-on-board-index-r45836

The bug here is that when you for example click on "Go to last unread" it displayed a tooltip on the first click and you had to click a second time to actually open the page. The bug was then filed as duplicate because you already have an internal report on it.

Yesterday I noticed the behavior had changed. When I click on a link like that now, no tooltip is displayed the first time, but I still have to click a second time to actually go to the page.

So did the behavior change because you issued a change that was supposed to resolve the issue, and thus the internal report has been marked as fixed? And you then forgot the update the public one?

Or did you just partially fix the issue now, but the bug report is still open internally, so you're still aware of the issue not being fully fixed? Since I don't know, I can't be sure whether I should make a new report (because the double click "requirement" is still not fixed), or not.

I guess my suggestion would be to mark some reports as "Duplicate (Internal)" and then every few days you go through those reports and leave a message or update the status if there is something we should know about from the progress of the internal report. Wouldn't that be a good middle-way solution?

Either way, if you could at least say "Internal." in the first place, when you mark such reports as "Duplicate", then I guess it would at least improve the situation a little bit. Because when you initially marked those reports as duplicate I had no idea it could refer to an internal one. It would save you having to answer the question later and I would at least have "peace in my mind" and not spend hours looking for a public report that doesn't exist. I read every bug report and remember quite well whether a particular issue has another open report or not. So when you mark it duplicate and I can't remember another open issue for it, then I don't know whether you marked it in error or not. (And begin to doubt my "mind powers" :P )

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My example in the previous post still holds: http://zend.ipsdevserver.com/ips4/topic/1294-go-to-new-post-button-on-mobiles/#comment-7529

We have no idea whether the specific report is supposed to have been fixed now or not. That's the problem with internal reports, escecially so when we note that some of the behavior change (tooltip no longer displayed), but the underlying problem still exists.

So I would still like a reply and maybe consider to take one of my ideas.

By the way, I've seen bfarber reply to some reports, and he is good at commenting when he mark something as duplicate if it's internal. :smile:

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We are moving away from internal reports for 4.0 now that the preview site has been up for some time and there is a public category. Over time it won't be an issue - it is just a transition thing.

Good. Yes, I noticed staff members opened a lot more reports in public tracker last 48 hours :smile:

So I guess my question then would be; is the issue Ryan was referring to still open internally or have it been marked as fixed? http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/bugs.html/_/4-0-0/phone-mark-board-as-read-on-board-index-r45836 (Because it's not fixed :P )

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