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FYI Using Xeams as smtp proxy in front of Exchange 2010 for spam control

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As some may know i use Exchange 2010 here on domain for mail for the family and I really like it, however its weak point is easily configurable anti-spam control. Forefront works but has a very limited remote config panel so you basically have to RDP in to make changes, approve flagged items, etc.

So I got looking around for some open source items to use for spam, I tried a few with limited results, then I came across Xeams email and spam control server which is free.

I read up on it and decided to install it as smtp proxy for spam control to Exchange.

Took me about 10 minutes or so to get it running and it works really well.

One thing not well mentioned in the docs is when proxying to Exchange you need to add the ip address of the xeams server in your exchanges default receive connector.

on your Exchange server open EMC, click the Server Config--Hub Transport and open the properties of your default receive conenctor.

Under network there add this second ip address (the one bound to the smtp proxy) under the Receive mail from the remote servers that have this IP section.

The filters are extremely configurable and I may bump it up to hybrid mode to use as backup server for times when the exchange server may be down for updates or whatever.

Cannot afford whats needed to setup DAG for exchange but this will help.

Anyways thought I would mention it in case someone is in similar situation, would work against any mail server and I am running it on a vm using almost no resources.

Easy to setup (I did quick tutorial here) and is working very well.

So hope maybe this helps someone.

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