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[Feature request] Add a "date" timezone sensitive BBcode


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Hi there,

Dealing with dates on a forum is not easy, especially when you have members all across the globe.

Often, when you post a date in a forum post, you have to explicitly precise the timezone, and the reader has to calculate the result for his own timezone.

That's really not friendly, and even a shame, knowing that the member timezone is already stored in his settings!

So, it would be gorgeous to have a "date" BBCode that automatically calculates a date according to the member's declared timezone.

For instance :


… would give the date in the reader's timezone.

Bad idea?

Thanks for reading!


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Converting dates to the users timezone, including DST, isn't difficult and not the limitation here.

The problem here, the full HTML of recent posts is cached for performance. Once the cache is written, the date would be set to the date the user who triggered the cache would get...

While a nice idea, dynamic content doesn't play well when you introduce caching.

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