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Multiple IP Spotter


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Not sure if this has already been mentioned but i think the Multiple IP Spotter would be a good idea depending on the nature of the site.

I have a Buy, Sell, Trade area on my site and some of the items can be very costly, and ive noticed it's not very hard to re join a site after you ban them (proxies etc). So with the ability to rejoin then have the potential to scam people which ide rather not have on my site so the Spotter would be very handy

Would also help sites who have voting systems, this would also help prevent people re-registerring to seay votes

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ACP. Members. Member management tools.

You can do the comparison yourself.

If you want it automated, use that app.

IPS can only put so much into the core.

This was just an idea i thought could be implemented into 4.0
It's just an interesting and useful tool that could prove useful
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