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Improve performance [paid]

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We're looking for somebody that can help on improving the performance of our server (Cloud based dual CPU / 2 GB running cPanel on CentOS 6.5) / website.

Sometimes pages load fast, and sometimes it takes over 5 seconds. We're not afraid of diving into configuration files, but we don't have much experience in configuring. We have to invest a lot of time to understand the meaning, impact and possibilities of each setting.

We're wondering if there's someone who might be able to assist us in this. Budget is about 200 USD.

For us the ideal scenario would be when you would do a first scan of the environment (for max. half the budget), resulting in an issue list. Each issue with an indication of the estimated effect on performance plus how hard it is (in hours) to implement it.

Besides that a recommendation of the issues you could address within the remaining budget.

Some examples of recommendations, to indicate our expectations: cookieless domain, htaccess caching settings, MySQL tweaking of memory usage/ table engines, changes in lay-out for faster rendering

Perhaps you can use some exising data we gathered. We have been monitoring our site using Google Analytics and Pingdom RUM.

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