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Group promotion checks should happen BEFORE actions (e.g. new topic)

Ryan Williams

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The only difference between my two groups is that one can create topics and one can't, so if someone in the limited group tries to create a topic they find themselves unable to do so even though they have enough posts to be in the full group — because the check is only done after a successful post. So some users are just confused about being unable to create a topic.
It seems to me like the underlying mechanism for this should do the check/promotion before deciding whether or not the user can perform a certain action.
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If your limit is 10 posts. And the user has 9, once they create their 10th post they will be promoted.

Where is the confusion here? If you want them to be able to create a new topic with their 10th post, set the limit to 9...

If you're running into this because you created a new group, but didn't move members over to it that already met the promotion criteria, then yes, if they have 30 posts, they will be promoted the next time they post... You can, however, resolve this by using the members search in the ACP and mass moving members..

ACP > Members > Cog on the right of the search box for advanced search... Search for all members with greater than X posts, in group X. Once you get the return for the search, then use the option at the top to MASS move members found.

If the reason you're suggesting this is the latter, it's due to mis-management of your members and not a software bug / issue.

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