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SpamTrawler Integration


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File Name: SpamTrawler Integration

File Submitter: spamtrawler

File Submitted: 05 Jun 2014

File Category: Integration

Supported Versions: IP.Blog 2.6.x, IP.Board 3.1.x, IP.Board 3.2.x, IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x, IP.Content 2.3.x

SpamTrawler Traffic Management and Security Suite - Integration

Founded in 2010 we have been working with customers using a wide range of CMS, Social Networking and Blogging platforms like SocialEngine, Wordpress and PHPfox.
Over these years SpamTrawler has evolved from a simple "IP and Country blacklist" into a fully featured product assisting administrators with a variety of otherwise tedious and frustrating daily tasks.
The suite consists of various reporting, filter and scan functionalities which help administrators keeping their websites clean from undesired traffic/content (spam) and unapproved file-system modifications.
While some of our customers have already been using SpamTrawler with their IPB powered websites, we have decided it is now time to release an official hook providing a convenient way of integration and control.

This hook integrates an existing SpamTrawler installation into your instance of IPB

Please find a short overview of the functionality included with SpamTrawler below.

SpamTrawler’s admin dashboard contains a variety of charts and statistics giving administrators a deep insight into how the firewall is performing.

Enables administrators to shape traffic to their requirements and prevent access to known and emerging offenders.

The firewall consists of the following pre-integrated filters:

  • URL Parameter
  • Country (Allow and Deny mode, possibility to use either MaxMind or IP2Location databses)
  • IP (Local black-/grey-/whitelist as well as a community maintained blacklist)
  • IP Ranges (Local Black-/Whitelist)
  • Hostname (Black-/Whitelist)
  • Organization (MaxMind IP2Organization database required)
  • Character Set (Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic)
  • Honeypot Fields (Monitors hidden form fields for content)
  • User agent
  • Referrer
  • Username
  • Intrusion Detection (Based on PHPIDS)
  • Email (Local and community maintained blacklist and limiting of digits)
  • ProjectHoneypot
  • Google SafeBrowsing
  • Hooks (Pre-packed hooks: Stop Forum Spam & CleanTalk)
  • Selective Captcha (Can be activated/deactivated by filter and or GeoLocation)

Actions to be taken by the firewall for blocked visitors can be chosen from:
  • Exit (With freely definable exit message via WYSIWYG editor including placeholders)
  • Redirect
  • SetConstant (In order to process blocked users by custom functionality in the respective host system)
  • 403 Error (Access Denied)

Server Overload Protection
SpamTrawler provides an overload protection feature to protect the web server from overload situations. A typical form of overload protection/load regulation is to reject further requests when the load increases.
Available actions are:
  • Exit (With freely definable exit message via WYSIWYG editor)
  • Redirect
  • Skip SpamTrawler (Firewall is not executed)

Maintenance Mode
Enables administrators to set an exit message or redirect visitors to a freely definable URL for all sites protected by the same SpamTrawler installation.

File Integrity
Enables administrators to continuously monitor and assess file system integrity preventing unwanted modifications, deletions and additions.

The "File Integrity Section" consists of the following functionality:
  • File System Signatures (Create and Compare)
  • Find Files by Content
  • Find Files by Name
  • Find Files Modified within the last 24 hours
  • Check Permissions
  • Virus Scanner (ClamAV wrapper)
  • Malware Scanner (Linux Malware Detect wrapper)

These functionalities can be used wither manually from within the SpamTrawler admin panel or automated via cron jobs using SpamTrawler’s API

Gives a geographical traffic overview using Google Maps

A few words on performance
SpamTrawler is in use on approximately 900 websites some of which receiving large amounts of traffic without known performance issues.
This is due to the extensive use of caching mechanisms keeping database interaction and latency at a minimum.
Once filtered, subsequent visits do not require database interaction for a freely definable amount of time (Cache Timeout)

Caching can be configured to use any of the following back ends:
  • FileSystem (Standard)
  • Memcached (Enables usage in load balanced environments)
  • APC
  • XCache
  • SQLite
  • Blackhole (No Caching, can be used in load balanced environments)

Support Note
This hook as well as SpamTrawler are supported via our forums and support ticket system.

This hook is provided for the convenience of customers to integrate a pre-existing installation of SpamTrawler into their IPB powered websites.
While this hook is offered for free, SpamTrawler itself is not free software and is available separately via our website

here to download this file

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good to see you here :-)

Apart from SpamTrawler having functionality not available with the regular spam monitoring service, I believe both solutions complement each other pretty well.

Also as far as I am aware the IPB spam monitoring is only available to customers with active update subscriptions which means those without do not have access to it while still being able to use SpamTrawler.

For those using additional software on their IPB powered website (Wordpress for bloging or as CMS for example) SpamTrawler can be used for both IPB and Wordpress meaning only one central configuration rather than maintaining multiple solutions.

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As an appreciation for the IPB community we are happy to offer a 40% discount for new licenses

This offer is valid from now until the 30th of June.

To avail of the discount please use the following promotion code with your order: STIPB2014

For any questions please feel free to contact us.

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