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Bulk mailings: unsubscribe-link as variable


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We've purchased a 3d party email template to use in our bulk malings. This also contains an "unsubscribe here" footer. When sending bulk mails via the ACP we put a checkmark next to "HTML" and we press the "send mail in HTML format"-button.

Whatever we try, IPB seems to add an "unsubscribe" link (which doesn't seem to be in a language pack either, so we can't change that term). But more importantly: it is just being added at the bottom. We want to use that URL IN our html. There doesn't seem to be a variable available containg the link.

I can imagine you want to impose an unsubscription link. But in that case I'd suggest you add the variable, and if the variable isn't found in the HTML you add it automatically at the bottom. But perhaps you know another way to achieve the same.

So, to wrap things up:

  • please add the {unsubscribe}-variable when pressing the "variables"-button in the bulk mail window.
  • I'd suggest to only return the link. This way it can be used in a flexible way.

Work around

For people who might want to do use a custom unsubscribe link right away: Invision Support told me the following:

  • {unsubscribe} isn't shown as variable, but it is functioning!
  • bulk mail uses the emailWrapper template manageable from your Admin Panel > Look & Feel > Manage System Templates, so the hard link can be removed there.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Invision Support told me the following:

{unsubscribe} isn't shown as variable, but it is functioning!

Oh man, now I'm irritated. I opened a support topic on this exact issue months ago (#879068) and got told this:

There's no such provision in the Bulk Mail, unfortunately.

While you can include *a* generic link to some page on your forum within the email body, there is no link that can be created which will unsubscribe them.

Spent hours (am not a coder) hacking something ugly up myself. And all the time it was in the HTML version automatically.

Looks like the {unsubscribe} tag doesn't work in plain text - you just get the word 'unsubscribe' with no link. Would have taken significantly less time to fix that than start from scratch though.

I like IPB, but a lot of the time it feels like I'm working against you guys, not with you...

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