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Anti duplicate posts?


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I want anti spam for PM's on IP.Board, posts and everything.

I got like 10 messages, from same guy.. In the exact same secound, he must of spam clicked the send button.. I tested myself, and it works. I can spam people with this, same with status replying etc.. Really serious bug, and ANNOYING one! Will this be fixed in 4.0?



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I wouldn't call this a bug. All you have to do is have restrictions on your new user group. Here's what I have.

Having anti spam measures in place that stops them signing up in the first place is your first line of defence.


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Spammers are best dealt with on registration, I would review your settings perhaps, ensure you have a proper question and answer, using the ips spam service, not allowing registration on level 4 or 3 in some cases etc.

There will always be human registrations however, so you will never get them all while allow registrations.

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This isn't "spam" in the classic sense, it is a bug with what I believe is the software itself. If you rapidly tap the "Send" key, it'll send more than one copy of the message.

Edit: I did just test this, but this appears to not be the case. I remember in 3.4.1 it could be done, must've been fixed.

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I'm not saying its a normal spam, just a spam bug that lets users spam click the Send button and it sends message for each time they do it. This can be done on comment, post system etc when using Ajax if the user has a small lag to the site. I can't do it on invisionpower because i have GOOD internet connection to it, no lag...

Nvm, just did it: http://community.invisionpower.com/statuses/user/520098-spendon-gavekort/?status_id=30749

On MyBB They have a feature "You already sent message to the same recipent within 5min" that feature would work great for this to prevent it. Same with topics, statuses "You already replied to the topic within 5 mins ago" or status.. :smile:''

The spam bug appears if you have a little slow connection to the website your connected to, so when it 'sends' it or the browser icon spins your able to spam the sh** out of anyone lol.

I am willing to demostrate this to anyone that want if i get permission. I'm unsure if it works on here as my connection is pretty much instant lol

Edit: No, i spam clicked the button on this website and it only sent one of them. Same with reply, i did a test on my own website though:


I can spam click the send/submit button and it will spam:

- New statuses

- New topics

- New topic replies

- New pms

- New pms replies

Basically anything that submits text, except IP.Shoutbox because it has a message "You are already submitting this" but IPB Dosen't have that. IPB Just lets you spam more messages lol

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1) IP.Board does actually block identical submissions within a short period of each other.

2) IP.Board can merge concurrent replies as well, which wouldn't "stop" such "spam", but would prevent it from sending multiple notifications and would cause the spam to be merged (which makes it less likely people would do that).

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