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[SV] Redirect Script for vBulletin Album images to IP.gallery images

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[SV] Redirect Script for vBulletin Album images to IP.gallery images

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Redirect Script for vBulletin Album images to IP.gallery images is a script which redirects from old vBulletin Album images to new IP.gallery images. This script will save you hundreds of hours for converting these links manually. It's made for redirecting image-links or image-source-tags, as IP.board converter does not take care for these URLs.
In Short, your benefits:

  • Redirect Script saving you up to hundreds of hours of manual work!
  • No changes on your Database (read only queries)!


  • Currently, vBulletin 4.x is supported only.
  • modrewrite is required for .htaccess redirects.


  • Copy directory "sv_vb2ipb_images_redirects" into your board's root directory.
  • Open the directory within your browser via http://YOUR_BOARD_URL/sv_vb2ipb_images_redirects/
  • Add the shown .htaccess code at the top of your .htaccess file in your board's root directory


  • Revert Changes to .htaccess file
  • Delete directory http://YOUR_BOARD_URL/sv_vb2ipb_images_redirects/

How does it work:

  • The script looks for the old image ID saved by IPB converter script. ID was found? great, redirect to new image URL.
  • If the ID wasn't found (or saved under "you'll never find it"), the script will perform a search based on old filename. If lucky, the first entry found will be used.

Known Issues:

  • The script cannot find images which cannot be found even by ID or a search query. Please be aware that there could be a small amount of images which cannot be retrieved. Unfortunately, these cannot be fixed by this script, as this is an issue of improperly converted images from vb albums.
  • Sometimes, other filetypes than images are placed within image tags, this is an issue by the IPB conversion script. If you see broken images, please check first wether e.g. a PDF file is embed within image tags. Just change BBcode in post for that file to solve that issue. At least you don't have to manually search for the new file link.

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