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Some suggestions round ip.content mostly


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1) ip.content For databases ccs

now someone make change and noone have control around it. also i think wrong is that if i switch to another revision, old is deleted that is also wrong i wanted to open open source like wikipedia database but now it doesent work like it should

also permissions edit / delete in one place instead of two separate options is not good for my purposes

optimalization of indexes of databases is wrong 100sql queries and "long thinkin"



Messenger to messanger drag and drop messages to folders - easier sorting messages would be nice also

3) ip.content better caching in ccs databases also should be in static content

4) ip.content - table of contents to articles when using

[maybe add smt like [page title="title of next page"] to use it in titles of divided articles

5) page adresses change with divided pages for example

http://www.terrarium.pl/t/encyklopedia/_/skrzek-r190?pg=2to http://www.terrarium.pl/t/encyklopedia/_/skrzek-r190-title-of-subpage


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