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Server URL change -- followed documentation, still not working

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Hi support,

We had to change our full url to our fourms and we do have a problem.

1. We changed all of our SSL certificates.

2. We updated our URL in the conf_global.php

We cannot access the ACP as the server is holding the url within the 'cache' database. When we look at the html source of the login page to the ACP is still has the submit URL to the old URL.

Is there a script to re-initialize the cache database store so we can access the ACP? From what I can tell there are two fields that have the old URL.

Any one else experiece this issue?



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There are but it should not be 'holding' it if the correct URL is in conf_global.

Carefully examine any .htaccess files in both the forum root and the admin directory.

It can be changed manually but I don't initially suspect the settings are doing it, although that's a bit messy as it involves a manual db edit then externally running a tool to update the settings cache for it to take effect.

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