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(NB34) Separate pinned topics

newbie LAC

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You ask few money but you give few things also...
<<This hook will separate pinned topics (Forum View Page)>>
Separate what? Explane more features. I dont see anything at screenshot.
I dont know what exactly is this hook...





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Thats perfect thanks. One more question. If I want to move the title in a little like and indent is that possible? It seems a little to close to the left of the bar left end.

You can change the code in the nbSeparatePinTopics template
ACP - Look and Feel - Select the skin - Forum View
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			<th scope='col' colspan='<if test="$this->memberData['is_mod'] == 1">7<else />6</if>'>

Change to

			<th scope='col' colspan='<if test="$this->memberData['is_mod'] == 1">7<else />6</if>' style='padding-left: 15px;'>

Adjust indentation using 15px

Please delete the code from your post

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There is any way to change the displayed color and the size of the words "Pinned Topics" and "Other Topics"?


Hook haven't custom css classes for this.

You need open the template nbSeparatePinTopics and add css-classes or css-properties

Something like this 


<tr class='header'>

change to 

<tr class='header pinnedTopics'>

Open ipb_styles.css and add

.pinnedTopics {
    color: #f00;
    font-size: 16px;


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