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(NB34) Add follow button on Forum View

newbie LAC

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File Name: (NB34) Add follow button on Forum View

File Submitter: newbie LAC

File Submitted: 11 Apr 2014

File Category: User and Social Engagement

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x

This hook will show followers counter into Forum View and recolor their posts in Topic View (optional)

Thanks BomAle for idea

here to download this file

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SELECT * FROM ibf_posts WHERE new_topic=1 AND topic_id=406571

SELECT u.*,i.record_saved, i.member_id, i.primary_id_field, i.record_dynamic_furl, i.field_26, i.field_141,a.map_record_id, a.map_attach_id,aa.attach_location, aa.attach_thumb_location, aa.attach_id,c.* FROM ibf_teez_species_topics u LEFT JOIN ibf_ccs_custom_database_3 i ON ( u.record_id=i.primary_id_field ) LEFT JOIN ibf_ccs_attachments_map a ON ( a.map_record_id=i.primary_id_field AND a.map_database_id = 3 ) LEFT JOIN ibf_attachments aa ON ( aa.attach_id=a.map_attach_id ) LEFT JOIN ibf_ccs_database_categories c ON ( c.category_id=i.category_id ) WHERE u.topic_id=47597 ORDER BY u.id DESC

x numbers of topics, could you optimize this? i got busy forums after installed topics and your second i see huge overload on mysql..

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