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[IF34] ProStripe 3.4.x

Pete T

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[IF34] ProStripe 3.4.x

File name: [IF34] ProStripe 3.4.x
Submitter: Pete T
Submitted: 03/31/2014
Category: Color Change Skins
Demo :
Discussion URL :
Supported Versions: 0
Support Info : Support via Topic Only

ProStripe is nice design skin with Green color Style was created by Lewis P for IP.Board 3.1.x and now updated to work with 3.4.x please enjoy.
Installation instructions.
Look & Feel > Manage Skin Sets & Templates and Import the Skin XML Files. Click Import Skin Set 
Under "Import Skin Set" : Browse and import the prostripe-346-xxx.xml.gz 
Under "Import Image Set" : Browse and import the images-prostripe346.xml.gz 
If you have not installed a skin before and are unsure what to do, follow this guide: Click here.
Compatibility with following items:
* Blogs
* Gallery
* Downloads
* Nexus
* Content
* Calendar
* Shoutbox

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There is some issue with chat. It wont open new window for it automatic.

i don't have chat because using non standard license so unable check this but the update working on might fix it ! there is no ETA on theme due to fact working flat out other item same time as fixing issues you highlighted.

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