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Blocking a user from seeing my posts.


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Hi All

I help run a little forum here in NZ and I want to investigate an option where a member can choose to hide all their posts, as if they were never even there, from another user. (or request admin to do enable the function for them)

I know people will so that this could be cured by some heavy handed moderation or sanctions of some sort, perhaps even telling the users growing a thick skin and getting over it would work. But in reality, all that is going to result in is one or both members chucking their toys out of the cot and leaving. Which is the least desirable result.

The members have their benefits in keeping around so banning or removal of one or the other is the LEAST desirable solution. It is a bad situation where members cannot stand each other but they have their merits but we just need them to be invisible to each other as they provide no good input when together.

It would be much simpler to be able to just not have that ammo visible to be used against them.

Something similar to how admin can "hide a post" and regular users don't even know they are hidden as there is no evidence of it being there. But on a one to one basis.

I imagine it would be in the Ignore Prefs and you could call up a username then enable "hide my posts from this user" alongside "hide users posts from me" and "hide signature" etc etc.

It seems like all the mechanics are there, they just need to be configured in a way that works for the desired result.

I say "just" but know that it's a LOT more than that.

There are multiple pairs of members that are like this so it's not just a one off whim and I hope that someone else has suggested something similar before.

Many thanks and if there is already a hook/add on that does just this then please point me in the right direction.


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