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When Is IPB 4.0.0? Topic Locked!


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Hmmm ... why am I not surprised?

It seems than when YOUR clients touch on a nerve to which you have no reasonable answers and you are beginning to look rather silly, you close the topic rather than discuss the issues at hand.

The Marketplace issue in the previous thread WAS relevant to the release of 4.0.0 and several contributors were blocked because their 'support licence' wasn't active; that didn't mean that they had not previously paid the licence fee and had the latest version for which they were contributing to.

You appear to have an ointment for every sore and give the appearance that you really don't care what your clients think - you're going to do whatever you want regardless - customer feedback is not just pointless to you it's worthless.

No I am not a contributor, but I have purchased from contributors and if they are not allowed to continue to support their products because of your archaic business model then that affects me directly and I am not happy about that at all. Do you care? I doubt it!


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The topic was most likely locked because it had gone completely OFFtopic.

Yes it should have been locked quite a while ago and actually several people even posted in that very topic saying it should be locked :smile:

Davyc: Anyone who has been with IPS for a long times knows we always do what's right by our clients. I'm sorry you feel the need to go all up in arms about small things but I don't really know what to say other than we try to do what's right. In this case I care what Marketplace Contributors think as these policies only impact them. If any of them want to bring up ideas we have open lines of communication.

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