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File name: Flat Business Forum Badges
Submitter: TLMD
Submitted: 03/14/2014
Category: Other style options
Demo :
Discussion URL :
Supported Versions:
Support Info: Support is provided in both English and German.

FLAT BUSINESS FORUM BADGES is a set of elegant forum badges, which follows a strict design pattern to provide a very professional look. Due to their minimalistic style, the badges are ideal for any business forum.

This release includes a light and a dark version as well as 5 additional colored variations. All my releases include the PSD files. This means you can easily customize FLAT BUSINESS FORUM BADGES, for example add more titles or translate them into a different language. Also changing the color is very simple. If you have any questions about how to do this, do not hesitate to contact me. Support is provided in both English and German.

Feature list:

  • 13 beautifully handcrafted forum badges
  • 7 different colors available (blue, dark, green, light, purple, red, yellow)
  • PSD file included
  • Installation instructions included (English, German)
  • Support available (English, German)

Included Ranks: (More can be created with the PSD file!)

  • Admin
  • Author
  • Banned
  • Donator
  • Editor
  • Guest
  • Member
  • Mod
  • Registered
  • Staff
  • Super Mod
  • Support
  • Validating

Font used:

  • Myriad Pro




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I am using a certain font here (Myriad Pro), which I don't find fuzzy at all, but that – of course – is personal preference. Sadly forum badges are limited in its height and therefore in its ammount of vertically available pixels (25px in this case). However, if you want to do some changes, open the included PSD file and do one of the following:

  • Get rid of all transparent pixels by adding 100% opacity. To me this doesn't look very good, but other people might have other opinions on this.
  • Change the font to one of your liking. There are tons of fonts available, which are not that "condensed" like Myriad Pro. However, keep in mind that you only have a height of 25px by default, which limits the fonts that make sense here. Feel free to experiment with a little more height (for example 30px or 35 px).

Below I have added an image, which shows the admin badge using Myriad Pro and transparent pixels.


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All badges were created using Adobe Photoshop. If you check the layers, you can find the different background colors in the "Background" folder. Have a look at image 2 of 8 on the >marketplace page: There you can see the background colors at the very bottom. To use a different (predefined) color, simply deactivate the current background color and activate the color of your choice. If you want to use an own color, edit an existing background color or create a new background color layer.

I can't tell though, if these layers can be edited in Elements...

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