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New url custom profile field type


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It would be nice to have a new type for custom profile field : URL

In 3.4.x, if you want member fills out a url in his profile, you can only use the input type and to display it, use this sort of code :

<span class="ft"><a href="{content}" rel="external">URL</a></span>

With this method, there is a problem if member does not put 'http://' at the beginning. Eg. www.invisionboard.fr

In forum topics, if you click on 'URL' link of this member, you browse http://yourcommunityurls/topic/63651-one-topic/www.invisionboard.fr

If we can have a url type instead of input type, IP.Board can fix automatically the 'http://' forget and the link in topic will be not broken.

Another improvement with url type is to have a clickable link for this field on user profile.

I hope this improvement can be do for 4.0 release.

Best regards


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i want to create a custom url profile field and to display the input as a custom text

For example when they put their steam profile link eg: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198083135668/ i simply want the filed to show like this on forum topics at user info panel

Steam Profile


i have tried like this but it doesnt work

 <a href="{content}">Steam Profile</a>

if i do that the link shows like this when u open


it adds this <wbr> which i dont know why :/

how to make it work?

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