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[GFX] Mobivision Advanced Mobile Skin


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[GFX] Mobivision Advanced Mobile Skin

A comfortable skin for Invision power board to get fit with every Mobile device. smile.png This skin is heavily customized by me for working on Mobile Devices with some great features.

Only one 3rd party app is integrated with this skin which is the Shoutbox. I hope this skin will show some good results in sales so i in future i would like ta add more integrations of IPS Apps and 3rd party apps (eg. IP. Gallery, IP. Downloads etc)

Installation Instructions are listed in readme.txt file which is stored in package. So noobs please must read installation instructions which is very simple smile.png

Features List  |  More Screenshots
  [*]Do not install Shoutbox after installing this skin, otherwise shoutbox will not work and will revert back my custom templates [*]Do not try to Resell/Share this item without taking permission from its author.



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Make sure the skin is visible in the drop down list at the bottom of the forum page

Look & Feel > Manage Skin Sets and Templates

Click on the drop down for the Mobivision skin and select "Edit Settings"

Make sure the correct user groups are selected for "Select which groups have access to this skin." or check the box for all

Make sure "Hide this skin from the drop down list?" is ticked "no"

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A user hit "Full Version" and we have no idea how to get it back to the mobile version.

As rich@fordstoc.com said, to go back to mobile version you will need to choose the theme from Dropdown menu from Footer left side. Or you can create a custom location for URL and place it where you want (maybe in top of sidebars) by using skinchange.php file method. You can read more about it in here : >

If you wanna use this Custom Skin URL method and having problem with implementing it, then you can send me a pm and i will take a look on it for you to make it work with Mobivision.

Are you saying the user has to use the "change theme" feature in the very lower left of the board? Good grief. My users are all 40 years old and up. They'll all wonder what full version does, and they'll all ask me how to get it back!

Can the feature to switch to full version be disabled?

You can remove the Full Version button from bottom by editing globalTemplate from (Global Templates - group)

in the globalTemplate Find this code :

<a id='full_version' href='#'>{$this->lang->words['full_version']}</a>

And replace with:

<a id='full_version' href='#' style='display: none;'>{$this->lang->words['full_version']}</a>

Again if you're facing problems to make these changes then send me a pm i ll help you out with it.


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Hey, I've installed it and everything, can I please have some assistance with configs and such. I'm a noob at all of this. >.<;

Hello Jester,

I sent you a pm. Let me know about kind of problems you're facing, via PM.


Any Updates (New 3rd Party Apps) here or in planning?

Hey Draffi,

You can pm me and we can discuss about it.

PE: Sorry guys about the late reply. I didn't receive any notification about new posts in here or via Email.

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