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I have an idea for a future IPS enhancement or possibly a mod that I thought I'd pass on.

The members of my site are very close. Many of us meet regularly. Often we will travel to other parts of the country to meet. And when a member passes away, some of us will even travel across the country to pay their last respects. In many ways, my site has become a digital extension of the relationships my members have formed online and offline. Currently, when a member passes away, I will spend some time memorializing them. I first edit their profile a bit; adding a graphic to their about page and signature. I move them to a "past members" group and I add a post to our special thread (by year) for past members.But I would like to do something a little nicer for our past members.

My Dad passed away back in December. Although he rarely used it, my Dad had a profile on Facebook. When he passed away, I notified Facebook of his passing. When a member of Facebook passes away, loved ones can request to have the deceased's profile converted to a "memorial" page. Although I am still waiting for Facebook to convert the profile (its been over 2 months now) I like the idea of converting the profile to a remembrance page.

I am assuming in order to have a feature like this on IPS it would require different template layout for the members' profile? Not sure. But it would be nice to be able to do something with the members existing gallery pictures and past posts. I can visualize an admin panel where one would upload or click on various images from the gallery and maybe even select quoted from past posts. The user feed could be used for other members to leave condolences. Although there should be an easy way to clear the past comments out first. There could be a place to paste an obituary too.

How do others here treat profiles of members who have passed away?

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