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Anti "something" ... I mean honestly. You posted a topic to literally be against "something" just because. You cannot even be sure what "that" is as this point because you have not seen it with your own eyes. As has been pointed out sevearl tiems in this topic, a screenshot does not give you any sort of feel for how the software operates. And, yes, we are WAY more concerned with how the software operates (user experience, performance, ease of use, etc.) than how it looks. Why is that? Because every single client in the history of ever makes their very first task after installation to be changing how it looks.

So, yes, we make a very generic look that flows well and is easy for users to understand. We do this on purpose so our clients can easily change it to suit their personal design styles. No: we are not going to force pretty icons, gradients, RSS buttons everywhere, and a million ways to like a post at you. That's so last year.

I am going to lock what I believe is a topic that serves zero purpose than to be negative for the sake of being negative. You all know the slang term for that. Obviously some will cry censorship but no we welcome constructive feedback but we do prefer it has a direct purpose and focus :) ... and we also generally prefer you actually use what you're giving feedback on first ;)

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