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Skin Change script Extended


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File Name: Skin Change script Extended

File Submitter: BomAle

File Submitted: 03 Feb 2014

File Category: Integration

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x

This script permise you to set skin:
1. DEFAULT => theme.php?id=0 (live demo, copy and paste url on adress bar)
2. MOBILE => theme.php?mobile (live demo)
3. CUSTOM => theme.php?id=25 (live demo or live demo 2)

1. DEFAULT is the skin that correspond to skin flagged "default" (badge color purple) into Look & Feel OR, if member is not logged, to guest skin setting (use live search to find it: "guest skin")

2. MOBILE is the skin that correspond to skin that have into database table skin_collections "set_key" column equivalent "mobile".
to change from default IP.Board Mobile on another skin see tutorial

3. CUSTOM is the skin that you choose.
to grab the id from skin lists you can see it on end of url when mouse passes over on AdminCP.

How Work it?
Redirect user to previous page or home, setting the skin checked by the script.
You can also rename the name of file php how you would.

ps. if your skin(default mobile) have "user agent map" setted on admincp and that the navigator is one of those are not taken into consideration unless you add a suffix &uagent_bypass (live demo)

This is a script extended of "Simple skin change script" write by 9fae0e25ba21367dc3c0728025c2f279 downloadable on ip.board pachage "/boards/Tools"

here to download this file

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