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[HQ] Featured Topics


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File Name: [HQ] Featured Topics

File Submitter: InvisionHQ

File Submitted: 07 Feb 2014

File Category: Utilities

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x

This application will allow you to bring a topic and/or topics to the center of attention of all your users by adding it/them to the featured list at the board index.

Topics added to the featured users list will appear in a random order. Every time that the forum page is refreshed a different topic will appear with a short preview and some other info. The forum permissions will be carried intact. Meaning if a group/s does not have permission to view the topics of a certain forum then the topic/s featured from that particular forum will now be shown to it/them.

You can display the featured topics list at the top of your forum index, bottom or sidebar. You can also enable and disable the application, choose the group/s that you want to view the featured topics list and as last but not least you can also control the avatar size of the thread starters.

Also all the actions of the admin in regard to the featured topics, (adding, editing and/or removing), will be logged to the admin log in the acp.

Installation: To install the application, unzip the mod package and upload the contents of the admin folder inside your admin folder keeping the structure intact. Then go to your Admin Panel->Applications & Modules->Manage Applications & Modules and on the right side where it says: Applications Not Installed you will see a new application added called: Featured Topics. Click on the install button.

To configure it go to the Other Apps tab then from the drop down list choose Featured Users and it will take you to the Application 's Management Area area where you can add featured users and set the settings.

Under the Configuration Tab you can add topics to appear at the featured topics list and manage them.

Then at the Settings Tab you can set the settings for the following options:

1) Enable/Disable the application.

2) Choose the position where you would like to display the featured topics block. At the top, bottom or sidebar.

3) Choose the group/s that you want to view the featured topics.

4) Choose the avatar size of the thread starters.

Configure everything accordingly to your needs/likings.

For more info on how the application looks like when being used, please check out the attached screenshots.

here to download this file

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  • 2 weeks later...

how does one find the topic id? is that in the adressbar right after topic/????

It is the numeric value. For example, let us take this very topic. Its url is:


The numeric part, 397705, is the id of this topic. The same goes for the other topics.

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  • 1 month later...

Also it fails to pick up correct last posts. Have disabled as it does not appear to perform as described. $10 :sad:

I have purchased and installed this. However, it seems to take the Topic title correctly. But the first line of text which is shown has been pulled from another topic.

Personally I can not reproduce this. Would you mind to pm me your forum link and admin log in info so I can have a look at it?

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  • 3 weeks later...

Unfortunately it doesn't update topic replies


It also takes the last poster information, rather than the topic starter, can it take the topic starter only, rather than always showing the last member to have replied?


Not much support being offered for this, pretty poor on behalf of the author.

Is something going to be forthcoming?

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Sorry but I have double and triple checked and unfortunately our views and replies for the topic are not being updated and everything has been updated. I have also recached everything and also recounted topics etc to no avail.

Regarding topic starter, the avatar is for the last person to post not the topic starter, this needs to be the topic starter, it is their post that is being featured not the the last person to reply.

You have put the topic starter next to the last poster, but information explaining who is who is required, also, the topic starter is not liked to user profile but the last person to reply is linked to user info.

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  • 3 months later...

Errrmmm..... OK.

So I paid $10 for this and rated it 5 stars.

Now I regret that, because I've just realised that it is not functioning correctly.

When featuring multiple posts it will display the Avatar on one of them, and not display an avatar on the rest.

This author should have an avatar:


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