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Arie Weissmann_41452

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Before I've heard on InvisionPower I bought a license for $400 from vBulletin ... and I missed that part on their terms saying once you download it you can't get a refund ...

I honestly felt cheated when I discovered that only afterwards ... not only that ... their forum wasn't working neither ....

The only thing I can do is sell that license to someone else but I have no idea how to do that and why sell junk in first place...

Anyway, forget about vBulletin, I'm so glad I found InvisionPower.

You guys first of all do not trick your customers, you do offer a refund if necessary (which I won't ask for), and you also provide an excellent support.

Not only that, when I tried to install vBulletin on my website I got so many errors, it was impossible to go through ... and with InvisionPower it went smoothly, just followed the instructions and it was easy even for someone like me who's not a computer savvy.

I have only good words to say, I mean the support is magnificant and everything is built in a perfect way, keep it up. :thumbsup:

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