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This is feedback on the main IPS community forum page itself.

I would like to suggest that you rearrange the order of the sidebars as such:

  1. Recent Blog Entries - this makes sense to be at the top since the IPS forum has an IPS community focus. Keep it where it is.
  2. Recent Topics - having this sidebar relegated to the third position does not make sense when the core of the IPS forum is discussion topics
  3. Latest Files - after discussion topics, this is the second most importance item for me ... kind of a what's new and useful?
  4. Latest Projects - it's not as if I can jump in and participate so why have this sidebar position so close to the top?. I am sure the developers love having the higher placement but the vast majority of users are interested first in foremost discussion topics and in marketplace files and not a "project" that someone would like to be tackled ... So I say make the developers slog through the inconvenience of page scrolling but not us visitors!

Thanks for considering my suggestion.


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