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Status update improvements


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The statuses really feel like a half-baked area of the forum, I would hope that they get improved with 4.0. Here are some must have features I want to see:

  • Emoticons need to be parsed as a standard feature. Many of the hooks that do this don't even work properly.
  • The hook that enables the "like" button for statuses doesn't seem to work, it would also be nice if that was a standard feature.
  • Settings to allow for BB code to be parsed
  • Settings that can make statuses available only to certain groups
  • Settings that can prevent people from deleting comments on their status / locking it
  • Multi threaded comments would be a cool feature to add as well

And something not entirely related, but I never liked the profile comments on IPB; I much prefer how profiles look on vBulletin and seeing comments on the main page.

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