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Suggestion: Offer member list sorting defaults

Nancee Heim

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When I'm looking for members in the ACP side and click the Members tab, the list defaults to sorting by the Joined time and date. After submitting a Support ticket, I was told that "the default field used to sort on that page is not a setting that can be changed. You can click the 'Display Name' header on the table to re-order the sort alphabetically."

I find it very tedious and frustrating to have to click the Display Name header--twice--to resort the member list alphabetically. (The first time I click it, it sorts from Z-A; the second time it sorts from A-Z.)

In addition, when I go to another page and come back, it reverts back to the Joined sort, and I have to again click twice to get an alphabetical listing. I don't like the Search function to find a member because I'm looking at all the columns to find information.

This needs to be a default setting that users can choose. Thanks.

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