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Installing IPB In public_html as www.widget.com/forums

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Hello folks, I hope I am in the right area. We recently purchased and installed the IPB software into our public_html folder in a sub-folder named "forums". This public_html is also occupied by a Joomla site we are building. The idea is to have our main landing page site www.widgets.com which we are developing with Joomla, and then we are going to insert a navigation tab on our main site to our IPB forum that will have www.widgets.com/forums.

Are there reasons in the realm of SEO that this should not be done? My thinking was if we kept the two sites partnered up, it would be best for both, and also easier on me to administrate.

Just to throw out to you what we have, we have a woodworking community who does charity work for disabled veterans. On our Joomla site it will be our landing site, where the industry' latest news will reside, blogs, and our advertisers and supporters as well, and community highlights, member of the month, prizes and giveaways of woodworking tools etc. And, our IPB will be our community discussion forum obviously for our woodworkers. And the two will be linked up to each other.

SEO wise, is it wise? Does anyone see any issues with this setup? Will our Joomla site get the rankings first then our forum second? Does Google index them separately?

Should the two sites have unique urls? Or is the .com/forums completely fine?

Any light shed on this subject I'd sure appreciate it!

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