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Feature Request: Auto-Lock Forums

KT Walrus

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I'd like to force my users to re-enter their password when they try to enter certain forums or forum categories for the first time in a session. Basically, some of my forums (including category forums) contain sensitive personal information that I'd like to protect from other people accessing this part of the board by accessing the user's computer when the user is away from their computer (similar to the way a "auto-lock screen" feature works on a computer except this is an "auto-lock sensitive areas" of my website).

So, I suggest an "auto-lock" attribute be settable on one or more forums/categories. The user would not be able to see the "last post info/posts summary" and view the topics/index for the locked forums without unlocking them globally (either through a global Un-Lock Locked Forums link or user attempting to view the forum or forum category. If the user clicks on a locked forum or the global unlock link, they should be presented with an unlock form to let them enter their password to unlock all locked forums. The forums would then be unlocked until they auto-lock (after X minutes of board inactivity) or they click on a Re-Lock global link (found somewhere on each page).

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