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Future of IPB Chat?

Ocean West

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Considering the Shoutbox as an example here. Can you imagine the level of support demand a self-hosted chat system would require?

IPS would almost have to support configuration at the server level to ensure Chat would function correctly. And with the varying types of server configurations out there that would be a nightmare.

IPS hosting Chat ensures the service is stable running on a server that's specifically tailored to run it.

Look at IRC, do you host the server? In most cases no, you're connecting to a remote server.

Hopefully that makes sense.

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Right, but they're the ones providing the infrastructure so that's their prerogative.

If it's self hosted, the resources being used are those of the server it's installed on, it has nothing to do with IPB at that point.

If they handed it over to a different server, yes they don't have the resources used up...they also don't get any income from it, which is likely why it is likely to remain an IPS hosted product...they use their resources and get an income from it, instead of saving resources but losing the income :)

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